Huayan Monastery, Datong, China

Huayan Monastery Datong China

The evening we arrived from Beijing to Datong we were picked up by members of tour agency from the railway station. No it wasn’t pre arranged. As often happens they were waiting for tourist outside the station to sell tours. We agreed to call to the agency to see what they had on offer. On the train we met American couple who already told us they were going to head off there straight from the train. So no surprise we met them there and negotiated the tour for 5 instead of 3. The tour guide informed us the hanging monastery was closed and you could only see it from outside (bottom of the mountain they were placed on) but we would be able to see Yungang Grottoes. It was 2h car ride to the monastery one way so we decided to skip it. So we went to the grottoes in the morning (a separate post on this later) and then left the tour to see City of Datong. This post is on Huayan Monastery located in the heart of the city.

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