Slow travel – wandering fields of gold

fields og goldYesterday R. and I decided to start a walking journey through Greter Poland. Two days – 80km and wild camping near lake. So I got up at 5am and it took us until 7am to be ready on the start of our trip. The first day route: Paczkowo – Czarlejno – Dominowo – Rusibórz – Milosław. But we got lost and somehow turned the wrong way. Instead of getting to Dominowo we ended up in Środa Wielkopolska.

The weather was rather gloomy. After the thunder storm during the night there were still heavy clouds in the morning. It was dashing off from time to time but we didn’t give up. You can see my backpack which includes as little as I could think of considering we could be camping wild in a thunderstorm near the lake. This means: foam pad, sleeping bag, sheet to construct the roof, a bit of paper and small twigs and matches to light a fire, pot with lid, tea, warm sweater, hat and documents to recognise my body 😉

I also took two pairs of shoes. As you can see sandals. colzaI remember someone I respected, when I was in high school on kayaking camp, saying the worst thing is to have your feet wet. it’s better to wear sandals than sport shoes with socks that will soak through. I had sport shoes in my backpack as well cos I thought my feet can hurt from walking in sandals and I can change when it’s not raining.

I also had toilet paper, string, knife, a bit of food and water. Not much food considering we were supposed to sleep near village with a shop. So far so good.

We walked along many roads…

tree alley

sand road

field road

asphalt road

stone road

chesnut road

we saw many wild animals…








and domestic animals…




and many many more I would love to share. the most important thing though is that walking gives time to observe and absorb impressions, something that is hard when I drive or ride. It also shows there is no silance in nature. All the time there is wind, trees, bees, cranes, birds… thay all make sounds. I was used to then living in Poland but living in London made it necessary to accustom to it again.

Anyway walking out of one of the villages we made the wrong turn and only found out about it when R. feet hurt to much to walk further. He wouldn’t give up, but I just couldn’t look at his suffering and called it a day. I doubted if he could walk on the next day so started hitch-hiking to get us to the train station. It was hard but eventually a very nice guy gave us a lift to the train station. I organised cold beers and we had a lot of fun catching the train.

I loved it. It’s a shame we didn’t have our wild camping but well we can do it next weekend. First somebody needs to get proper shoes… Alltogether we walk from 7am to 3pm. Eight hours. Well I’m proud.


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