Shanghai 上海 by night

Shanghai made an insane impression on us. We were long looking for our hostel and almost gave up. Asked for directions so many different people and seemed to be walking in circles. Finally we got there. The room wasn’t great but it would have to do. We didn’t intend to spend there much time anyway.

In the evening we decided to go for a walk. I roughly had an idea which way was river so we followed my instincts. We ended up walking along really long narrow passage. It looked like two constructions sites on both sides. I was bravely pretending that I wasn’t afraid we will have to turn back… this is just me. Late in night walking foreign streets trusting only my sense of direction…

Well it was worth it in the end, we ended up looking over Pudong, its futuristic skyline, including 632m Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. I was amazed. So much lights and changing displays. Wow!

China is full of contradictions or maybe should I say contrasts. And they sure are building on a grand scale.

Forgive the quality of pictures, you might still get an idea of what it’s like but I recommend to see it for yourselves.

Shanhai by night boat

Shanhai by night boat 2

Shanhai by night boats

Pudong Shanghai China

Pudong Shanghai China 2

Pudong Shanghai China 3

Pudong Shanghai China 4

Pudong Shanghai China Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Pudong Shanghai China by night

Bund, the riverside promenade is lined with grand colonial buildings. The former concession areas comprise the French Concession to the West from Old City and the British  & American Concessions to its north.

Shanghai Chine Old City

Shanghai Chine Old City 2

Shanghai Chine Old City 3

Shanghai Chine Old City 4

Shanghai Chine Old City 4

The Shanghai Bull, the Bund Financial Bull or the Bund BullThe Shanghai Bull, the Bund Financial Bull or the Bund Bull

Bund Shanghai China by night

Bund Shanghai China by night


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