Pitigliano, province of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy 2014

Pitigliano, province of Grosseto, Italy 2014

Pitigliano, a small Italian town, located south of Florence and North of Rome is perched atop a tufa ridge. Etruscan tombs dot the cliff face and valley. The zone is known as the land of the Bianco di Pitigliano, one of the best white wines of Italy. The quaint old town is known as the little Jerusalem.

The name Pitigliano, would seem to have been derived from Petilia, an important Roman family who gave their own name to various places. According to an ancient legend, the town was founded by two Romans: Petilio and Celiano: the name of Pitigliano would have been derived by the combination of their names.

There’s no train station in town but buses serve Pitigliano from other cities and towns in Tuscany, including Siena, Florence, and Grosseto. The town itself is small enough to walk around easily. A car is useful for touring the countryside.

We stayed at La Dolce Vita. A studio apartment outside centro historico. It was a studio apartment converted from the garage. Had too much of a basement feeling, but the radio in the shower was great and the bed super comfy! There are other types of apartments available so go for it. It’s a short walk away from the town centre but we didn’t mind. 

The main sights:

  1. Fortezza Orsini
  2. Palazzo Orsini
  3. Le Vie Cave
  4. Il Ghetto
  5. Gli Archi dell’Acquedotto Mediceo
  6. Cattedrale SS Pietro e Paolo

The first part of the gallery you will find below but I will devote another post to Pitigliano with the things I loved about the town. Enjoy!



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