Khao No – Khao Kaeo

Khao No - Khao Kaeo panorama

Khao No – Khao Kaeo, Amphoe Banphot Phisai: Khao No , the limestone mountain 282 meters in height, occupies a plains area surrounded by large paddy field. The mountain is carpeted with various species of green trees. Its numerous caves and niches are home to groups of monkeys and flocks of bats.

Monkey statue Khao No - Khao KaeoThere is a temple at the foot of the mountain called Wat Khao Lo and a stairway leading to the cave at the peak where you can see a large image of Sitting Buddha. We didn’t go up there as we were passing by too late for it. We had to be satisfied with a meal at the foot of a mountain split with dogs of all breeds and ointments, as well as monkeys watching us from afar.

Tittle-tattle: some people place stuffed aligators on the top of their cars to keep the monkeys away. See: Darlyne Murawski picture.

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