Grand Master’s Palace Valletta Malta


Valletta’s most magnificent building, the Grand Master’s Palace stands in the center of the town on Palace Square. The palace was commissioned in XVI century by Grand Master Fra Pietro del Monte as a residence for the Knights of Malta. Part of the building is now used as the House of Parliament and the office of the President of Malta.

We entered through an impressive courtyard…

Grand Master’s Palace Valletta Malta

and walked along impressive corridors…

… to State Rooms…

Don’t you just love chandeliers?!

chandeliers Posted on April 19, 2017 by fj161550-ovh Grand Master’s Palace Valletta Malta

chandeliers Posted on April 19, 2017 by fj161550-ovh Grand Master’s Palace Valletta Malta

Originating from the French word “chandelle,” chandelier literally means “candle holder,” and when the first appeared, that was about it. The first known chandeliers came about during the 14th century and were a simple design: two wood beams forming a cross with a spike at the end of each to hold a candle. As times changed designs became ever more elaborate, reflecting the growing wealth and power of the high society, as well as progress in terms of technological development and workmanship. If you are interested in brief history of chandeliers please click here.

The State Rooms are richly decorated with gilded moldings and works of art. An elaborate series of murals by Matteo Perez d’Aleccio illustrates Great Siege of 1565. The murals depict battle scenes of the knights fighting against the Ottoman Turks. The State Rooms display official portraits of the Grand Masters, who led the knights to victory, among them Grand Master Jean de Vallette.

Writing of war… on to the armory…

Malta knight

I have to say the collection of swords, bows, firearms, and cannons is quite impressive, but even more so the models of knights. Once or twice I got a fright it was a real person and next second I will be able to hear…

“Don’t touch!”

Nah never happened 😉


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