Desert sand

Today I was awoken by rain. It’s one of the best feelings when you lie in warmth and know that you don’t need to get up yet listen to the rain outside. My thoughts went back to Ireland where I used to live for what seemed a lifetime. So different to London.

In Galway it rains often, in spring, in summer (5 times a day) in autumn and in winter. And yes, you can get used to rain. I remember running in the rain, coming back from work in the rain, going to work in rain, going out in rain, drinking in pub in rain. All those precious memories and I miss it now.

What is true for this magical place is also that rain  comes from every direction. From in front of you, from behind you, from above you and sometime from beneath you, and I don’t mean when you fly. It’s because of the wind, you can forget about an umbrella. Most people give up and leave broken ones on the side of the street and never get another one.

The rain can be warm or cold, coming in big drops or just drizzle.  It washes the streets, pavements, street lights, green meadows in Connemara, diving boards in Salthill, mooring in Barna. It can rain for days or it can rain for minutes.

They say the weather makes Irish people depressed and overuse alcohol, I was never depressed in Ireland. My headaches stopped and I always had something to do so I forgot about the rain.

You are probably wondering why the title and pictures have nothing to do  with the text hahahaa I guess it’s because not many people really like rain 🙂


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