Beachy Head – day trip to suicide favourite

Beachy head England

Living in London makes it difficult to leave for a day trip. This is due the enormous traffic heading out of the city on Friday/Saturday and returning Sunday. I suppose this must be true for any metropolis. If we decided to go south we had two options Blackwall Tunnel or city centre. Both not great. One might think it would be better to take the train and rent a car. Maybe quicker but way more expensive.

Anyway Beachy Head is one of the most distinctive features of English coast. The cliff there is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 metres. The height and availability make it amazing spot to admire the landscape, dramatic cliffs and waves but also one of the most notorious suicide spots in the World. According to BBC there are an estimated 20 deaths a year at Beachy Head.

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Bath, Somerset – grils and Jane Austen

It was a day trip. It was girl’s trip. And we had so much fun.

My friend Natalia left London for the first time behind the driving wheel. Awwww! Very stressful but we did it! Or rather SHE did it!

Royal Crescent Bath UK

We are all helpless romantics raised in the spirit of Christian Andersen’s Cinderella.  The Jane Austin novels and movies based on those novels reached us when we were already of age so it’s hard to say they shaped our expectation of romance but we can appreciate a bit of drama sealed with “happy end”.

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