Cuba essentials prices and basic information

Valid in October/November 2012, note tourist season starts in November and some prices are going up then

Exchange rate:

1 EUR – 1.2444 CUC

1 CUC  – 24 CUP



  • Coffee (small strong with milk out of window) 1 CUP
  • Bananas 2 CUP for bunch
  • Juice 2 CUP
  • Pizza (very popular) 2 – 5 CUP (Michal says 5 – 10)
  • Rolls (Pan de…) with ham, eggs or sausages sold from a window 1- 2 CUP
  • Waffle cakes in the street 3 CUP
  • Sugar cane juice (in a village) 12 CUP
  • Donut small cup 2 CUP, big one 5 CUP
  • Beer (Bucanero or Cristal) 1 – 1.5 CUC
  • Rum 250 ml 1.5 – 4 CUC
  • Breakfast in Casa Particular 3 – 4 CUC, dinner there 6 – 8 CUC
  • Dinner in a restaurant 5 – 10 CUC
  • Chocolate cake Varadero 3.85 CUC
  • Pan de Tortilla & Pan de Jamon Varadero 5 CUP each
  • Spaghetti in Santa Clara 4 CUC
  • 2 coconuts with rum and 1 plain together 5 CUC (beach Trinidad)
  • Fish in the hotel beach bar in Trinidad 6 CUC
  • Fish (the best we had) in small house based take away 50 CUP

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Beach near Trinidad yet another face of Cuba

Beach Trinidad Cuba

I’ll be honest this post is not going to be long. I write it only because of a sense of obligation. I just want to show the fans of beach what the beach in Trinidad looks like. Because it is located in the southern part of the island you can find there amazing shells and parts of coral reef from Caribbean Sea.

The water was perfectly flat. Not a single cloud on the sky.

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